This site is maintained by Kris Meukens and is an experiment, to test drive paths of thought.

Rather than trying to find the “essence” in one write-up as is often tried, this site acknowledges the fact that immature or even plain bad ideas are simply part of life. Moreover, as Seth Godin has pointed out, toying with ideas that are not necessarily good is essential to generate good ones. It is broad critical inspection that makes it possible to separate the good from the bad and to further dig towards the essence.

The primary principle maintained is Paul Saffo‘s “Strong Opinions, Weakly Held” as described in Bob Sutton‘s seminal 2006 post.  In summary, weak opinions are problematic because people are not inspired to develop the best arguments possible for them, or to put forth the energy required to test them. In addition, it is just as important to not become too attached to what one believes because, otherwise, it undermines one’s ability to “see” and “hear” evidence that clashes with one’s opinions. This is what psychologists sometimes call the problem of “confirmation bias”.

With this all in mind, no posting is ever deemed final and constantly subject to further scrutinization.

So do not hesitate to post feedback!

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All views expressed in Kris’s name are his and his only, as long as these have not become deprecated through contradicting evidence.